Quiet times

It’s quiet in the house now. The two dogs are lying on the couch behind me, the cat is asleep on the spare bed and baby is snoozing in her crib. I should be doing something useful but I really don’t feel like it. I’ve been sitting around reading other people’s blogs, thinking I should write my own. Mine will never be as good as those I have read, and I’m not sure where mine is going. Maybe someday I will share my blog with someone but I don’t know if it’s even good enough for that. Probably not. Like I said, I don’t know where this will lead.

One thing I do know is that I have a few minutes to write about something. Maybe I’ll tell a story. I guess I should introduce myself? My name is I, sometimes me. I am on maternity leave because I had a little baby in January (Snugglebug). Someday I will tell you that story because I believe it’s an important one, even if it’s only important to me. I spend most days in my pjs hanging with the babe. I have a wonderful boyfriend (R) and we are going to get married in November. That’s another story. I have lots of them. None are especially important, or at least not as important as other peoples’ that I read on their blogs. Most blogs I have read all have a theme, mostly about something sad and how they overcame it. Like the one I read about this woman who married a douchebag, then divorced him and married a real nice fellow who died of cancer, and is now married to another nice man and has a nice little family. She tells wonderful stories. Or the one I read about a girl in the UK who had a little baby but she was stillborn. She is so strong. I know I would fall apart. I was so afraid something would happen to my baby when I was pregnant. Especially since Mom had a stillborn baby when I was in junior high. But that’s another story.

I don’t have many tragic stories. I’m not very poetic either, so this blog may not be very good. I’m not even sure why I want to write it. Maybe I just want someone to listen to my stories, and maybe enjoy reading them.


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